Syndrome Of Surfeit

Landscape of Objects, 2018

“Landscape of Objects” is a composition of photographic works on the subject of “exaggeration” within the contextual field of magnified reality. Objects, body parts, everyday images, a reality that has been magnified so much that it becomes transfigured, modified and shifts into a landscape of abstraction, so that the original reality and the initial image cease to be of importance. This distortion and deformation leads to a lie, perhaps, that of exaggeration altering reality. Images such as the one with the pins becoming gigantic, like nails, in the tiny contact print of ourselves that exists among them, sometimes depict an extreme psychological pain of the individual. Sometimes, the opposites appear, the contrasted condition of the human soul, a feeling of two extremes, parts of human nature that signify movement, evolution, the changes in a world that shifts, and the inner psyche. With small pictorial additions in the images, like painting, collage, textures, scriptures and imprints, slogans and poetry verses, as well as the vivid colors of the photographs, the feeling of excessive sentimental tension becomes amplified.